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HA Beamer Extension Kit


Risers for Beamer 3 are set up for shoulder mounting as standard. To connect Beamer 3 to the main carabiners using front container a pair of short extensions is needed. This package includes 1 green and 1 red short extension plus 2 Rubber O Rings 21mm.

HA Speed System Release System


If you use Charly Quick-Out carabiners on a (solo) paraglider which has a speed system (as they generally do!) then you will need a separate separation system for the speed system otherwise you will have a problem when you activate the Quick-Out carabiners to release from the paraglider – i.e. the paraglider will remain attached to your speed system, which will defeat the purpose of the Quick-Out carabiners!



You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced. You can expect return shipping costs to be around the same price you paid to ship you service items to Eagle. Annual inspections increase the paragliders sale value, and allows the seller and buyer to be confident on the wings condition and value at the time of sale. They also give pilots confidence knowing their glider is in top shape. We also offer Laser Trim Tuning to ensure side to side and front to back symmetry of your glider. The rear lines tend to shrink more since the carry less load than the lines at the front of your glider. Laser Trim Tuning lets us optimize your wing and bring it back to its intended line trim. Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do an extra work. The Eagle shop charges a $35 flat shipping fee to cover the return shipping costs on your paraglider, and a $20 flat shipping fee for reserve parachutes after any service performed. You get the same $35 flat return shipping fee if you send both your paraglider and reserve parachute for service. Be sure to add the Return Shipping option to the shopping cart if we are sending your paraglider back to you after service instead of having you pick it up at the shop. Note the flat shipping fees do not apply to residents of Hawaii and Alaska. A custom shipping quote will be sent for shipments to these states.

Instructor Clinic


We are also the instructors instructor, and have the only Administrator on the south coast to certify experienced pilots as both tandem pilots and basic/advanced instructors. You may have heard if you really want to learn how to do something, learn how to teach it well. This definitely applies to paragliding Paragliding. Its been wonderful to see our students go from their first training days, to becoming an experienced pilot, then flying higher and farther than the instructor who certified them! Jesse Meyer trained with Eagle back in 2004, and became an instructor in 2011, and started his own school Lift Paragliding in the bay area. He was awarded the Instructor Of The Year award in 2013. In fact, Jesse has the highest long-term student retention statistics in the country for instructors who have signed off at least 100 Novice ratings(69.6%). This means more of his students are still flying than any other school, likely because Jesse subscribes to a similar view on how important it is to offer continuing education in the mountains, and build community in the sport. Be sure visit Jesse at his school Lift Paragliding if you are in the bay area.

Laser Trim Tuning


You will need to complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending items for service. The Eagle shop charges a $35 flat shipping fee to cover the return shipping costs on your paraglider, and a $20 flat shipping fee for reserve parachutes after any service performed. You get the same $35 flat return shipping fee if you send both your paraglider and reserve parachute for service. Be sure to add the Return Shipping option to the shopping cart if we are sending your paraglider back to you after service instead of having you pick it up at the shop. Note the flat shipping fees do not apply to residents of Hawaii and Alaska. A custom shipping quote will be sent for shipments to these states.

Recommended every 150 hours of use. Read more about Laser Trim Tuning below.

Lifting Air – The Basics of Soaring


Master the principles of flying lifting air with Dixon White, Master Pilot, USHGA Examiner, and first USHGA Paragliding Instructor of the Year.

Learn where to look for thermals and ridge lift, how to stay in the lifting air to climb efficiently, and deal appropriately with the dynamics of the soaring conditions. This is for beginner, intermediate, or the advanced pilot wanting to brush up.

This is a must have for all Paraglider and Powered Paraglider pilots.

Log Book


Keep this log book in your rucksack, and get in the habit of logging after every flight. You will need to track hours and flights in order to prove you have the hours and flights to acquire the next rating level as a paraglider.

Mountain High EDS O2D1 Oxygen System


This is the basic Pulse-Demand Oxygen system used by paragliders and hang gliders. This kit comes with the XCR primary reducing regulator, low-pressure service line, and the EDS unit and the breathing cannula and face mask. The low-pressure service line is a high quality polyurethane line that is kink-resistant and flexible under varying temperatures. The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded “Quick-Connects” providing an air-tight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

The unit is very easy to use, and the instructions are well written. You can set your unit to begin releasing oxygen at a desired altitude. We recommend flying with the nasal cannula. The EDS system senses the pressure change when you inhale, and releases a dose of O2 making for a very efficient system. You will stay warm at altitude, and make better decisions on your flights with a good oxygen supply.

Mountain High XCR Oxygen System


The XCR(Cross Country Racer) is different from the EDS unit. The XCR unit is a continuous flow unit which makes it less efficient than the EDS units. The pilot will need to adjust the Oxygen flow as desired during the flight instead of being dosed by an EDS unit. You may want a larger AL series aluminum cylinders like the AL 180 with the XCR system since it is less efficient than the EDS system, and you are bound to use more of your oxygen supply.

The XCR system is comprised of the cylinder, the radial style primary reducing XCR regulator, 5 ft. of high-quality kink-proof 4mm OD polyurethane tubing, one XCR control-holster with either a MH3 or MH4 flow meter with remote on/off valve and an “M” type Oxymizer oxygen conserving cannula. The system can be strapped to your flight-suit or hang gliding harness. There are ‘D’ rings on the corners of the pilot control harness/holster for mounting to an arm, leg, shoulder-strap, uprights or almost any suitable object. All XCR systems includes tote bag for the breathing station(s).

Niviuk – Artik 5


Cutting-edge Niviuk technology and an innovative design will transform your flights into unique experiences, thanks to unprecedented EN-C performance. Fly for miles on end with a wing that will revolutionize cross-country standards.

Allow yourself to be surprised by a design completely tailored to your needs. Its dynamic and intuitive handling makes the Artik 5 the most accessible wing of its category, taking your experience of flight to the highest level.

On your adventures, stability is your best companion. Thanks to unrivaled damping and rigidity in the air, the wing will always remain solid both when accelerated and in rough air, allowing you always to feel comfortable.

Niviuk – Hook 5


The Hook 5 is suitable for new pilots coming out of school. However, this is a glider you won’t outgrow for years.
Easy and intuitive handling with crazy simple inflations. The glider has excellent stability and totally intuitive control.

Safety is the priority for all Niviuk wings. The modern and innovative design of the Hook 5 has resulted in a wing with maximum reliability, greater stability in flight and rapid recovery during incidents.

The time has come to go further. Improve flight after flight with the best technologies at your disposal. Progressing your piloting with a wing designed to offer the best performance in its class. Are you ready?

A docile, intuitive and safe wing, but with a performance superior to the rest of its class. A real progression glider. Ideal to increase your confidence and feel good about small steps out of you comfort zone to fly cross country.

Read More on the Niviuk Website

Niviuk – Hook 5 P


A light version for weighty adventures. The Hook 5 P offers versatility, comfort and efficiency in a wing perfect for your first hike & fly tours. Progress as a pilot and feel free to discover new routes with absolute safety and comfort.

Making safety a priority for your adventures is our goal. The latest technological innovations have been applied to the design of the wing, to give you maximum safety starting with a simple takeoff to a controlled, smooth landing.

The Hook 5 P is ideal to encourage you to reach new goals during your adventures. Its main characteristics are comfort, intuitive handling, effective and stable glide, reduced inertia and collapse-resistance.

Improve your performance in flight with a wing that gives you total control with quick responses to inputs and precise turns. Its aerodynamic design enhances all its features so you can release your inner adventurer.

The light version of the Hook 5 will help you choose your own adventure. Ultralight weight and reduced volume enhance the passive safety and comfort of this wing and ensure excellent accessibility and more intuitive handling. Take off and feel the unequaled sensation of freedom.


Read More on the Niviuk Website

Niviuk – Kase


Maximum safety in its most compact form.

The Kase takes up little volume, is easy to use and becomes the ideal component to incorporate a rescue parachute in any harness.

Niviuk – Konvers 2


The new Niviuk Konvers 2 harness has a built-in airbag and a container under the seat that allows easy and quick access to the parachute. A reversible harness for all occasions. The Konvers 2 becomes a spacious backpack equipped with everything necessary to meet your needs during every adventure.  Ergonomic versatile design is what its about, comfortable and easy to carry. The Konvers 2 is not only an excellent partner in the air; it will also accompany you during all your travels on the ground.

The Konvers 2 offers unlimited possibilities for your adventures. This new reversible harness from Niviuk allows you to transport your equipment in a spacious rucksack and to fly in the most comfortable and safe way. Discover a new way to experience your cross-country adventures.

Niviuk – Koyot 3 P


You are always in control thanks to easy and simple maneuverability – two attributes that complement perfectly with the lightness of a wing designed to turn your first flights into unbeatable experiences.

The Koyot 3 P is equipped with the most sophisticated technology, ensuring maximum safety and achieving excellent performance for progression without limits.

The wing’s gentle temperament will make you fall in love with each maneuver, offering a total sense of comfort from take off to landing. In addition, its good performance will also allow you to attempt cross-country flights.

Niviuk – Link 2


The first steps are not necessarily the most complicated. Enjoy your paramotor flights with an Easy Handling wing, which is simple at take off and landing, with comfortable and precise handling throughout the flight. A glider for progression and enjoyment.

The Link 2 has an optimized internal architecture that is constructed using new materials and technologies to ensure maximum safety. From the moment of take off until landing, the Link 2’s feedback will turn flights into safe experiences for the pilot.

Its internal structure has been redesigned and optimized to achieve greater comfort during each phase of the flight.

Enter a new and wonderful world of adventures. With the Link 2 you will discover a wing with all the necessary features to make your first paramotor flights. Its simple and intuitive handling is combined with maximum safety to provide you with the best flight experience and allow you to expand your horizons through paramotoring.

Niviuk – Original T-Shirt


The new Niviuk “Original” T-shirt with its very distinctive asymmetric design will make you different from the rest. The design and manufacturing quality with its soft cotton material help to ensure natural comfort and well being.

The male cut has a round collar and is worn close to the body (for people who prefer a slightly more loose casual fit, we advise you to select one size up).

Niviuk – Roamer 2


Based on an idea of total comfort and performance, the Roamer 2 incorporates a new and effective system of load distribution which adapts to the pilot at all times.

It is not only a better harness, but an improved rucksack as well. A modern look, innovative technology and ease of carrying were the guiding principles behind this ergonomic design.

Less weight and volume, with more strength and much more performance. The perfect option for any adventure.