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50 Ways To Fly Better


Fifty Ways to Fly Better is essential for all pilots who want to reach their potential. It is packed with the latest techniques and thinking from Bruce Goldsmith and some of the world’s best pilots and instructors. The book draws on 20 years’ worth of Icaristics, Bruce’s well-regarded column in Cross Country magazine, and combines it with lots of completely new material – all revised and updated for today’s pilots.

Airstyle Para-Trekking Boots


The Airstyle paragliding boot is your best option if you are looking for ankle support, durability, and comfort. This is the latest lightweight, breathable, wind and waterproof Outdoor boot.

Maximum protection and minimal weight (680g) make the para-trekking II so unique.

The para-trekking III, with its breathable HydroGuard™ Membrane is wind- and waterproof and offers best comfort and style. Airstyle presents the para-trekking II. This boot is designed for special tasks both outdoor and for airborne sports.

Developed by pilots and worked up with high quality, the para-trekking II offers exceptional security and best wearing comfort – on the ground and in the air as well.

Aluminium Hook Knife


This is a basic and affordable aluminum hook knife. It features 2 opposing stainless steel blades, anodized aluminum handle, and a pocket sheath that you can mount on your harness.

Ascent Vario H2


The Ascent h2 Vario brings you everything you need and want in a lightweight affordable package.

  • Small enough to wear on your wrist like a watch
  • Custom riser mount solution
  • Software and updates for life

Beamer 3


In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes. Our Rogallo concept changed the scene for ever, and the Beamer 1 still waits, ready for action, in many harnesses. In 2010 the Beamer 2 set another benchmark for steerable reserves. Its proven concept, new features and improved qualities convincingly established the Beamer 2 in the market. The Beamer 3 builds on the best features of the Beamer 2. A completely redeveloped Beamer 3 riser system improves opening, operation and installation – the success story continues!

Beamer 3 Light


The BEAMER 3 light is all a BEAMER 3, but thanks to the optimized weight of its materials, it is more than 400 grams lighter than normal. In addition to lower weight, its volume is also smaller. With its 1370 grams, the BEAMER 3 light is one of the lightest airship parachutes on the market.

BGD – Concertina Bag


BGD’s ergonomically designed concertina bag is light and efficient. Redesigned from top to bottom this 3rd generation concertina bag is lighter and has half the pack size of previous model. Internal straps keep the glider in place, and the breathable mesh boarder lets you squeeze the air out to achieve a small overall pack size. Elegant new anti-snag YKK zip keeps your precious glider safe while greatly reducing the overall weight since there no need for a heavy overlapping strap. For those who prefer to leave their harness attached to the wing we have added a clever drawstring closure that neatly draws up around the lines.
An external strap holds the folded bag together.

Note: After endless testing we decided leading edge to trailing edge is the best direction for a smooth flow in folding your wing.

Charly Diamond Cross Steerable LT


The new DIAMONDcross ST from Charly presents three main innovations:

It has a defined forward speed in diagonal direction with the effect of a significantly reduced sink speed. This results on the one hand in a higher aspect ratio compared to conventional cruciform canopies, those propulsion mainly takes place towards one side, and on the other hand in the asymmetrical air flow of the convex sides of the DIAMONDcross canopy, thereby receiving an ascending forced optimised profile.

The horizontal movement which is typical for every modern round canopy and cruciform canopy, can be steered for the DIAMONDcross ST in a certain direction, if required. Obstacles like e.g. power lines can thus be avoided and an emergency landing field can be precisely approached with a glide ratio of ca. 1:1,5. There are no disadvantages for the DIAMONDcross ST compared with conventional cruciform canopies.

The DIAMONDcross has different line lengths which has the effect that the strips of the canopy don’t lie on top of each other when packing the canopy. This diversification causes an easier air inlet when opening and thus an increased opening speed compared to conventional cruciform canopies. The packing of the DIAMONDcross is not more time-consuming or more complex than for a normal cruciform canopy.

The superlight DC thus combines the low packing effort of round- and cruciform canopies with the controllability of Rogallo rescue systems. For the DIAMONDcross, there is no risk of „downplane” directly after opening, which is the case for Rogallo rescue systems, also when flown too slow, if it opens with the top downwards.

The concept of the DIAMONDcross works without pre-brake and therefore the system remains very easy to handle and is reliable.

Charly Helmet Bag

Luxurious, roomy microfiber helmet bag for optimum protection.

The surface of this luxurious microfiber bag is smooth at the outside and soft and fleecy on the inside such that its content is optimally protected during transport. It offers enough room for one helmet plus flight instruments, gloves, etc. and is equipped with a practical draw cord.

Charly Insider


The Charly Insider is probably the best selling full face paragliding helmet of all time. Its light weight and comfortable. We only stock the white color, but we generally have all sizes.

NOTE: We only stock white color helmets (all sizes). PLEASE ALLOW 2-5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OF ANY OTHER COLOR.

Charley No Limit

Charly No Limit


NOTE: We do not keep this helmet in stock. PLEASE ALLOW 2-5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

The ultimate helmet for competition pilots in hang gliding and paragliding.

The Charly No Limit is certified to CE EN 966 standards and offers pilots offers uncompromising safety. The visor integrated in the helmet form reduces air resistance measurably. The mounted, clear polycarbonate visor possesses a field of vision that had until now not been known for a visor-integral-helmet. The break-resistant visor offers 100% UV-protection and is provided with anti-reflection, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. This makes sunglasses unnecessary. The clear visor can be dismounted and replaced by a toned one (not included in delivery).

By it’s fixed textile interior in 4 sizes, the Charly NO Limit offers the same good fit, that has made the Charly Insider the most popular flying helmet worldwide.


Charly No Limit Visor

Visor for Charly NO Limit and Charly NO Limit Jet helmets.

Suitable for both Charly NO Limit (full-face) and Charly NO Limit Jet (semi-open face) helmet models.

Out Of Stock

Colombia Tours


Once you have been paragliding with Eagle in Colombia, it’s hard not to want to return every year. There is a reason we have a 70% return rate for past Colombia tour participants, and these tours sell out every single year. Colombia tour alumni are given priority registration each year followed by Eagle Alumni.


Colombia 2020 Tour Dates
Travel Days Jan 24, Feb 1, Feb 9, Feb 17
Tour#1 Fly Jan 25 – Jan 31
Tour#2 Fly Feb 2 – Feb 8
Tour#3 Fly Feb 10 – Feb 16



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