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Eagle Paragliding operates a 1600 square foot full service paragliding shop in Santa Barbara California. We offer Annual Inspections, Laser Trim Tuning, Reserve Repacks, Paraglider Repairs, and Line Manufacturing.  We have been providing outstanding service in the paragliding industry since 1998.

Annual inspections increase the paragliders sale value, and allows the seller and buyer to be confident on the wings condition and value at the time of sale. They also give pilots confidence knowing their glider is in top shape. We also offer Laser Trim Tuning to ensure side to side and front to back symmetry of your glider.  The rear lines tend to shrink more since the carry less load than the lines at the front of your glider. Laser Trim Tuning lets us optimize your wing and bring it back to its intended line trim. Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do an extra work.

You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced.

$135 Laser Trim Tuning

  • Complete Laser measurement of total line lengths
  • Tuning of main lines to bring glider back to trim
  • Line break test

$255 Annual Inspections with Laser Trim Tuning

  • Full Annual Inspection listed above
  • Complete Laser measurement of total line lengths
  • Tuning of main lines to bring glider back to trim
  • Line break test

$175 Annual Inspections

  • Detailed Visual Condition Check
  • Porosity test
  • Line Replacements (2 included)
  • Patch small tears and pin holes
  • wing clean out

Reserve Repacks

  • $50 Round Reserve Repack
  • $50 Square Reserve Repacks
  • $125 Rogallo Reserve Repack

Shop Rates

  • $65 Canopy Repair (Hourly)
  • $25 Repair Material / sq m
  • $30 Brake Line Repair
  • $25 Main Line Repair
  • $20 Upper Line Repair
  • $400 Complete Line Set Install


You may have questions we have already answered below. Please read the FAQ’s before calling. You will need to complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form, and include a printed service ticket copy in the box with items you are shipping. Leave out gear that is not in need of repair in your shipment to save on shipping costs. You are welcome to ship UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. We will contact you with a repair quote before starting any service beyond published rates. You can expect return shipping costs to be around the same price you paid to ship you service items to Eagle.

Inspection and Gear Services Frequently Asked Questions

The trim on all paragliders changes over time. We use a laser measuring device on a rail system with a 5KG load in order to get extremely accurate consistent measurements. The laser helps avoid measuring errors which commonly occur with a tape measure. Line trim adjustments can only be as precise as their measurement, and our laser system provides the consistency needed to ensure accurate measurements. This accuracy allows us to tune your glider with the trim measurements on all the lines. Each total line length is measured, and sent via Bluetooth to a spreadsheet for your specific glider size and model to the computer. We then tune your glider by either making trim changes with adjustment loops on the mallions, or manufacturing a new line. The effects of a glider being out of trim can present safety issues affecting both glider performance and handling, poor collapse recovery, and bad launching characteristics. Most of the load on a paraglider is on the A and B line sets. The lines behind the A and B line sets tend to shrink more since they take less of the wing loading. This eventually increases the angle of attack on your glider, and takes it out of trim, making it more prone to stall or spin. Our Laser Trim Tuning System allows us to apply the correct adjustments to achieve the best possible trim setting. You will notice the improvement in performance, the glider will be safer, and likely more responsive and enjoyable to fly. We recommend a Full Trim service every two years or 150 hours of use.

This all depends on how many hours you fly annually. Generally 2 years or 100 hours is a good benchmark. Send us your glider for an annual inspection once you hit either of these milestones.

Turn around time on our services are normally one week. The only snag is if we happen to be out of stock on repair material for your particular wing color, or if we are waiting on a complete line set from the manufacturer. Rush orders on glider repairs are time and a half.

This obviously depends on the the severity of the damage to your wing. Most glider repairs are form $50-$350. There are a variety of factors which determine cost. There are often times internal damage you are not aware of when sending off your wing. We will reach out to you with an estimate on your service order so there are no surprises.

This is pretty straight forward. Simply describe left and right like you are flying the paraglider.

This all depends on how many lines need to be replaced and manufactured, and how many hours of action your lines have seen. At a certain point replacing the entire line set is more economical than manufacturing a high quantity of individual lines. Each situation is different, and you may be able to replace only the main lines or only the upper lines depending on your circumstance. The amount of hour son you line set is also a consideration. Lines with over 150 hours will have shrunk, meaning the line lengths in the gliders manual chart do not match the current length of the lines on your wing. Replacing a hodgepodge of lines on a glider with over 150 hours requires extra service as we need to measure the corresponding line on the other side of the glider to match lengths for symmetry. As you can see there are a handful of variables to consider. We can give you a recommendation and cost estimate if you send your glide to us and allow us to perform a general Inspection.

Dyneema line will see shrinking as you rack up hours on your glider and will eventually need the Laser Trim Tuning service eagle Provides. Kevlar is unlikely to have any shrinking or stretching.

Please tie a visible line or ribbon on any lines needing to be replaced. We will inspect the glider upon receipt, and having you mark problems area will reduce your cost and the amount of time discovering issues. You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced.