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Woody Valley – GTO Light Rucksack


Lightweight paraglider rucksack, specially-designed to conveniently carry the Woody Valley GTO light pod harness and other lightweight equipment.

Here are the RUCKSACK LIGHT capacities:
Small: 95 Liters
Medium: 105 Liters
Large: 117 Liters
Extra Large: 122 Liters

Woody Valley Foot-Sliding leg cover Protection for GTO Light


This accessory was designed to make adding and coming off speed bar smoother inside the pod leg cover on the GTO Light.  It also protects the Lycra from potential damage and fabric overstretching, which can occur when your heel grabs the pod material when getting on bar. It weighs only 55 grams, and is easy to install.

Woody Valley Leg Cover GTO Light Black or Blue


The GTO LIGHT Pod Leg Cover comes in black or blue. Pilots putting in loads of hours on their gear won’t need to purchase a new harness.  The Pod Leg Cover on the GTO light is removable, so adding a new Pod Leg Cover is easy.