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Niviuk – Hook 5


The Hook 5 is suitable for new pilots coming out of school. However, this is a glider you won’t outgrow for years.
Easy and intuitive handling with crazy simple inflations. The glider has excellent stability and totally intuitive control.

Safety is the priority for all Niviuk wings. The modern and innovative design of the Hook 5 has resulted in a wing with maximum reliability, greater stability in flight and rapid recovery during incidents.

The time has come to go further. Improve flight after flight with the best technologies at your disposal. Progressing your piloting with a wing designed to offer the best performance in its class. Are you ready?

A docile, intuitive and safe wing, but with a performance superior to the rest of its class. A real progression glider. Ideal to increase your confidence and feel good about small steps out of your comfort zone to fly cross country.

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UP Makalu 4


The new Makalu 4 is everything you ever dreamed of in the EN B class – it is SUPER stable, very easy and forgiving to fly, but has LOADS of FUN built in. Part of the FUN is the fact that you get such a reassuring, safety-conscious package all while the performance is so good – this wing won’t let even your loftiest goals down, and its direct and sporty handling never becomes unsettling. It is literally built to explore on; explore the whole free-flying idea as well as explore in a geographical sense. There’ll be schools out there who choose the Makalu 4 to teach on, and it is THE greatest tool for taking the first aerial steps out of school. You’ll have FUN doing it!