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BGD – Seed


The SEED is our affordable premier training paraglider, made for ground handling only. The SEED was developed from the EN-B EPIC, and acts and feels like a full-size paraglider. It is made from durable 50g cloth and has three risers. It’s a fun accessory for parawaiting at takeoff, practicing kiting, or just goofing around like Spiderman.

Niviuk – Roller


The ultimate in speedflying
Speed and infinite turns, barrel rolls, swoops and carving. Agility and performance in one technologically superior model.

Be the exception, not the norm
You deserve a wing like you: a free spirit, pushing the limits. Fly when you want and how you want – without losing altitude and even in strong wind conditions.

Safety, a matter of principle
With a high degree of user-friendliness and manoeuvrability, you have precise control from takeoff to a smooth landing.

Niviuk – Skate 2


Niviuk have again listened to the pilots and the professionals and the Skate 2 is the answer to their requests. A speed wing designed for schools and Riders.

Security and endless possibilities makes the Skate 2 a reference in the discipline of speed riding.

The Skate 2 has a new profile, more gliding but less lift which allows it to glide parallel with the ground in all terrains.