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Niviuk F-Gravity 2


Niviuk and Freestyle, two words together that sound like music to the ears ofacro enthusiasts. Together they offer a glider with comfort and versatility.

The F-Gravity 2 is ideal for the intermediate pilots who want to progress in acro. The new more compact wing brings energy and reliability to your flying. Thanks to its design this wing will help you to grow in the acro discipline.

Meet all the secrets of the great masters at your own. Train and practice until you dominate the technique. And if you want to go beyond, the F-Gravity 2 will fly with you wherever your imagination leads.

Niviuk N-Gravity 4


Power in your hands
Squeeze the energy of the new N-Gravity 4 designed by acro pilots for acro pilots. Practice and improve all kind of manoeuvres in a smooth and extremely precise way, feel all its power under your fingertips at any moment.

Intrados Air Intakes
The incorporation of valves at the intrados facilitates vertical descent maneuvers such as the helicopter, due to a better conservation and distribution of the wing’s inner pressure. The end result makes the N-Gravity 4 a safer, more efficient glider during the chain of aerobatic moves and recoveries.

Unlimited possibilities
Due to the integration of Nitinol material to the profile and the optimization of the suspension lines load distribution, the outcome brings a more solid, resistant and durable glider in a never ending aerobatic show. With the N-Gravity 4, the range of manoeuvres to perform is endless.

U-Turn Blackout


The BLACKOUT is processed with utmost care and designed for longevity under extreme workload. For that U-Turn is also expediting the innovations in the material production – this way at the BLACKOUT the new PX40 is used. This was developed in co-operation with Paratex on the base of the established Thriller material. An innovative coating is providing better long term values and optimized tear resistance. PX40 is at the moment the strongest cloth out of which wings can be built.

But also in the processing everything is done for longevity and form fidelity, part of that are multiple strengthened sewings and strengthenings at all line suspensions and v-tapes. Chief designer Ernst Strobl is building the dynamic acro wing on 50 cells and relying on modified line geometry. Like all acro gliders also the BLACKOUT is equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF) to quickly resolve the situation when making a swaying movement.

U-Turn Redout



The new funwing from U-turn combines freestyle elements with power. The new mix out of sportive dynamic and reliable rise power is leading to the new category “freeride”. The outstanding glide qualities are turning the dynamic funwing into a highly efficient “turner” in thermal lift. With that the area of use is almost infinite with the multifaceted funwing. It is as convincing while soaring as acro trainer but also when flying in thermal – that is what makes that wing a real freerider.