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BGD – Concertina Bag


BGD’s ergonomically designed concertina bag is light and efficient. Redesigned from top to bottom this 3rd generation concertina bag is lighter and has half the pack size of previous model. Internal straps keep the glider in place, and the breathable mesh boarder lets you squeeze the air out to achieve a small overall pack size. Elegant new anti-snag YKK zip keeps your precious glider safe while greatly reducing the overall weight since there no need for a heavy overlapping strap. For those who prefer to leave their harness attached to the wing we have added a clever drawstring closure that neatly draws up around the lines.
An external strap holds the folded bag together.

Note: After endless testing we decided leading edge to trailing edge is the best direction for a smooth flow in folding your wing.

Niviuk Kargo Bag


The Kargo is Niviuk’s new large capacity rucksack ideal for packing your glider, harnesses and accessories, Tandem included. Thanks to its anatomical design it uniformly distributes the load in order to aid comfort.

Niviuk Kargo P


Fast & Light
Light, compact and easy to carry, the new Niviuk Running Bag comes to surprise and delight all lightweight equipment lovers. A before and after in your adventures.

Flying is always an option
It doesn’t matter where you are going or where you are. Carry your Skin 2 P and the Roamer P harness in one ultra-compact and light bag, which is designed to fit all your flying gear so you are ready to take off any time.

Flexible Friend
Suitable for climbing, mountaineering, running, cycling and, of course, flying. The combinations are endless, but the Kargo P 25 can accompany you on all of them. A versatile and indispensable companion.

Niviuk Koli Bag


The Koli Bag is a fast packing backpack-like bag. Ideal for both paragliding and paramotor. It targets pilots wanting to quickly and easily pack their glider.

Place the wing inside the bag and close it with its two compression straps. It also features two comfort shoulder straps and a small inner pocket to keep the risers neatly tucked away during transport.

It is a quick-pack bag perfect to carry the glider on short distance walks and protect it during vehicle transportation.

Niviuk NKare Concertina Bag


Easy Folding
The NKare bag will help to quickly fold and care for your glider whilst maintaining its profile and integrity. It is an asset to have when packing the wing, allowing the pilot to correctly position, fold and neatly stacked-up the ribbed internal structure by placing the batons on the longitudinal axis in an “accordion” layout. This folding system will help ensure that both the material and the internal structures are maintained in perfect condition.

Full Protection
To assist with the packing, the NKare has three inner straps securing the wing in an optimum configuration. The NKare also features a small integrated riser protection bag to secure both risers in place and prevent any metal parts from damaging the wing whilst preventing lines and riser entanglement during storage.
The Nkare Bag has a fastening ribbon to fasten the leading edge. This cord is located on the upper and inner part of the bag, hence preventing any glider deformation.

For efficient air displacement, humidity formation prevention and wing damaging condensation, the NKare was designed with integrated air vents and non-closing ends. A full length high quality sleeved heavy duty zipper with vinyl snag-free protection will prevents pinching the fabric. The traveling direction of the zipper tab is from the trailing edge to the leading edge, allowing for the remaining excess air to escape while the NKare bag is being closed.

UP – Parasleeve 2


The new parasleeve is designed so that it may be used with ALL UP wings, and allows you to fold the “cigar” in several different ways once the bag is zipped closed. If you like to separate the wing from the harness when packing there’s an integrated riser compartment in there for you, and if you don’t well rest assured that the zipper is bidirectional so that you can let the lines out at the bottom. We’re making it in three different sizes to accommodate all wing sizes, and we’re happy to say that the M size weighs only 460g. There are large mesh panels to allow your wing to breathe while stored.

The new Parasleeve is included with Summit XC series and Trango X series wings, and can be ordered as an accessory for all other wings at the same time.

UP Stuff Sack 2


The new Stuffsack 2 is now available. Put the glider inside, close the buckle, tighten the cord, close the zipper, and get yourself up to takeoff. Ergonomic shoulder straps make it easy to carry, five compression straps allow pilots to quickly achieve a compact backpack, and the partial mesh outer layer lets the wing breath. At just 900g it ads very little bulk and weight to the harness while flying.

UP Summiteer Light


Our hike and fly addicted design team, and team pilots were instrumental in the design of the Summiteer-Light. Thoughtfully placed hiking pole mounts, helmet mount, hydration system routing, hip pockets, and water bottle holder allow you to access what you need without taking off the pack. Compression straps enable the pilot to carry all their flying gear close to their center of gravity, granting maximum comfort, good balance, and all-day stamina. The fully ergonomic and adjustable hip belts and shoulder straps keep the load comfortably distributed, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the trail, or the sky.