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Finsterwalder Quick Release Carabiner (Pair)


The Charly Finsterwalder separation carabiner is used whenever a reliable connection and if necessary a rapid separation also under load is important. It is suitable for the safe attachment of loads – in particular persons – and for outdoor use.

It has proven itself especially during police helicopter missions, the military, and the mountain rescue service.

In paragliding, the Quick-Out is used for the separation of the glider when a steerable rescue system is deployed.

By simultaneously pushing both release buttons, pilot and aircraft are separated effortlessly. In safety trainings, the separation of the glider after a rescue chute deployment turned out to be advantageous.

Besides the rescue options in case of emergency landings in water, trees, and high winds, the Quick-Out also offers handling advantages compared to conventional carabiners.

Flytec – Zip-up Speed Sleeve


Zip-up speed sleeves allow you to unzip when you are at low altitude to cool off, and zip up when you are higher colder altitudes. These Zip-up speed sleeves are lined with fleece in the chest, sides, and arms. The back is a thin lycra to prevent sweat from accumulating on your back. These sleeves are suhweeeet!

Flytec Element Speed


Whether you are just starting out as a pilot, or an experienced pilot that prefers leisurely local flights, the Element Speed is the right instrument for you. To fly safely and relaxed, it is important to understand the state of the air around you. Of course climb and descent rate information is crucial but just as important is your speed over ground, glide ratio and the wind velocity. The Element Speed gives you this information precisely and at a glance.

Flytec Element Track


The Element Track, formerly known as the Element is identical in every way to the Element except for the printing on the housing. The name was changed to allow for additional models in the Element series. The Element Track is perfect blend of functionality, size, weight, ruggedness, battery life and user-friendiness. The Element Track is truly the best all-around instrument for hang gliding and paragliding pilots that want to fly higher, further, safer and faster or simply just want to get more out of their flights.

Flytec Volirium P1


The Volirium P1 is a smartvario, combining the most sensitive pressure sensor on the market with a state-of-the-art flight computer in a compact, purpose-built housing. Its software is newly designed and developed, focusing on user-friendly and manual-free operation. Glove-friendly touch screen further increases its ease-of-use.  The P1 is perfectly suited for pilots ready to set new personal bests or take the next step in their competition flying. Software updates are automatic over a WiFi connection and soon it will be able to easily share data with other devices.

Foam Cover for Speaker/Microphone


This foam microphone cover for your speaker mic will prevent wind noise when you are transmitting while flying. It’s pretty amazing what a difference this thing makes. All of our instructors use this foam microphone cover on their radios.

Gee Whiz Condom Catheter


The new school pee tube set up is here. Forget the sticky condoms, which are not fun to remove.  You deserve better after an epic flight, or even a bomb out.

This all silicone condom catheter has everything going for it compared to previous designs. There is nothing sticky on your junk, and you can get 2-3 uses per condom.

There is a plastic connector between the condom and hose, which makes for an easy connect before launch.  No more walking around with a long surgical hose already connected before flying. A larger bore silicone tube, which guarantees all liquid is out of the tube then you land instead of leaking all over once you detach. Available at

Geigerrig Hydration Engine


This is hands down the best hydration system on the market. We have gone through numerous other hydration systems (will not name all of them), and the Geigerrig is the most durable and most practical. To keep it short, you can stand on this bladder with all your weight and it will not break, you have the option of pumping it up with air to pressurize it so you can drink easier, its easier to fill up, and you can turn it inside out to clean it in the dishwasher. The Geigerrig has won 2 “best new product of the year” awards at outdoor conventions in 2011 . The whole Eagle Team has ditched their previous hydration systems and all gotten the new Giegerrig. This thing is sweet!


Geigerrig Insulated Drink Tube


When flying at high altitude, you might find yourself with a water tube full of ice. The neoprene cover helps to prevent the water from freezing, and also prevents UV rays from hitting the tube, which can cause algae to grow in the tube over long periods of time. This tube is super heavy duty and is built to last. The on/off switch on this tube is a push/pull device, which makes it easy to turn on and off while flying, or packing away into your rucksack.

Glider and Line Repair


Our full service shop will repair your damaged glider, and get you back in the air. Please tie a visible line or ribbon on the areas needing repair, and on any line needing to be replaced. We will inspect the glider upon receipt, and having you mark problems area will reduce your cost and the amount of time discovering issues. Select the 1 hour Glider Repair below if your wing needs repair.  This will get us started.  We can draw up a quote, and get back to you before we begin work if needed. You can describe the details of what you need by completing our Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced.

HA Beamer Extension Kit


Risers for Beamer 3 are set up for shoulder mounting as standard. To connect Beamer 3 to the main carabiners using front container a pair of short extensions is needed. This package includes 1 green and 1 red short extension plus 2 Rubber O Rings 21mm.

HA Speed System Release System


If you use Charly Quick-Out carabiners on a (solo) paraglider which has a speed system (as they generally do!) then you will need a separate separation system for the speed system otherwise you will have a problem when you activate the Quick-Out carabiners to release from the paraglider – i.e. the paraglider will remain attached to your speed system, which will defeat the purpose of the Quick-Out carabiners!

Icaro Nerv

A light, comfortable and modern helmet with E.N. 966 certification. It is made of a very strong polycarbonate shell, everything made 100 % in Italy.



You must complete the Eagle Service Ticket Form before sending us your items to be serviced. You can expect return shipping costs to be around the same price you paid to ship you service items to Eagle. Annual inspections increase the paragliders sale value, and allows the seller and buyer to be confident on the wings condition and value at the time of sale. They also give pilots confidence knowing their glider is in top shape. We also offer Laser Trim Tuning to ensure side to side and front to back symmetry of your glider. The rear lines tend to shrink more since the carry less load than the lines at the front of your glider. Laser Trim Tuning lets us optimize your wing and bring it back to its intended line trim. Eagle will contact you with any additional recommended service suggestions to go over your options before we do an extra work.

Instructor Clinic


We are also the instructors instructor, and have the only Administrator on the south coast to certify experienced pilots as both tandem pilots and basic/advanced instructors. You may have heard if you really want to learn how to do something, learn how to teach it well. This definitely applies to paragliding Paragliding. Its been wonderful to see our students go from their first training days, to becoming an experienced pilot, then flying higher and farther than the instructor who certified them! Jesse Meyer trained with Eagle back in 2004, and became an instructor in 2011, and started his own school Lift Paragliding in the bay area. He was awarded the Instructor Of The Year award in 2013. In fact, Jesse has the highest long-term student retention statistics in the country for instructors who have signed off at least 100 Novice ratings(69.6%). This means more of his students are still flying than any other school, likely because Jesse subscribes to a similar view on how important it is to offer continuing education in the mountains, and build community in the sport. Be sure visit Jesse at his school Lift Paragliding if you are in the bay area.