Marite Sporrer

Marite is from Lima Peru, and she has been paragliding since 2009. She is married to trip leader Rob Sporrer. She missed out on flying on last the 2015 tour since she had to stay home with their new baby girl Maya. Both Marite and Maya made it to Colombia for the 2017 tours, and grandma Teche “the general” flew in from Peru to watch Maya so mamma could hang at cloud base. Mamma is getting benched this year because she has a little dude in the oven. God willing Joaquin will show up in late April. Marite, Maya, and Joaquin are planning on joining us for the first 2 tours. She is also an instructor and teaches for Eagle in Santa Barbara when we need her out there. Marite is also a kite boarder, and enjoys hiking. She will be helping as a liaison for any tour members who need a translator with the hotel or anyone else.

Skills – Pilot Certification, Cross Country, Tour Organization, Line Manufacturing, Reserve Repacks, Inspection and Maintenance